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Cycling Tours 2019




Self catering Accomodation is available for groups of 6 -10 people at


Self Guided Tours

This will include:

Trek road or hybrid bike

Daily route maps (Garmin compatible) provided for self guided tours

Emergency backup support included

Please note all tours are for adult groups only.


At Active Abruzzo hoildays we cater for all levels of cyclists from the relaxed leisure cyclist to the hard core mountain biker or the road bike enthusiast who wishes to put the serious tough mileage in!

The roads and tracks are as far away from traffic as possible offering quiet and relaxing cycling and an opportunity to experience the true beauty of the region.

For mountain bikers there are numerous courses and grades to choose from. Abruzzo is unusually well suited to mountain biking and affords numerous routes along the coast or in the rugged mountains, in the gentle hills or along the fringes of the impressive erosion furrows, around the lakes or along river banks, within the marvellous beech forests or up on the innumerable plateaux, certainly affording each time different thrills.

Guided Tours

A tour guide can be arranged for minimum of 3 people.

Half day or full day tours.

Contact Active Abruzzo for further information.